Thursday, April 18, 2013

O is for Orgasm

Actually, "O" is for oral - but my assistant thought that headline might be too risqué. Clearly she needs to spend more time in my inbox, but oral is pretty tame. I'm a day behind on my A to Z of Advice (but I figure one day won't kill you love fools) so let's make this short and sweet.
"I want to be a better lover. Where can I learn more about oral sex?"
Hold on, let me check my book shelf. Nope, nothing about oral sex there.


Google much? Between that and your local library or book store, you'll probably have more than enough information. Bloody hell, there's probably even workshops or classes with that shit.

Yeah, I know, love...wait! Don't bite. I can tell you that much. <grin>

- Jagger

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