Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for hurt

Love bites.

Love bites.

Oh, and love bites.

I'm not sure how often you want me to repeat myself, but here's the bottom line. LOVE BITES. Bet you can guess what my answer to this love fool's question is:
"I want to commit to my girlfriend, but she has a habit of hurting guys. I don't want to get hurt."
Well then, idiot, move along.

She has a habit of hurting guys. This statement alone should be enough for you to be wary. The fact that it isn't kind of makes you an even bigger love fool than the rest of the people who ask my advice.

Look, it's your call. You can trust this chick and risk getting hurt. Or, you can forget about her, find someone with a less scarred reputation, and risk getting hurt.

Love's a risk. Chances are, you're going to get hurt. Trust me, you don't have that problem with lust.

Yeah, I know, love bites. Or hurts.

- Jagger

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