Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love is a battlefield

And so the floodgates have opened...

What? Have all you unrequited, unloved and just plain desperate love fools been sitting on your "urgent" questions, waiting for me? I've got news for you - get used to disappointment. I'm even late this week.

I'm still working through the backlog of your questions, but here's one my assistant dug up from "Ivy" who writes:
"My boyfriend and I seem to fight a lot. He says it's because we're both 'passionate' people but I'm worried it's more." 
So, are we talking knock-em-down, kicking, scratching kind of fighting, or a little love squabble? Because there's a difference.

I don't buy the too "passionate" excuse - especially if it's masking the underlying issues. If your fights are turning abusive - emotional or otherwise - there's no amount of passion to make that work. Time to get out.

But bickering is - I hear - fairly normal in a long-term relationship. Money and kids seem to be the instigators, but I suppose anything can spark a response. Opposites DO attract, but if you're fighting more than getting along, it might be time to find someone you're more compatible with.

I know, love bites.

- Jagger