Friday, June 8, 2012

50 shades of No

Alright, already! Yes, I know it's been more than two weeks since my last "advice" post - but people, stop the harassment. Bloody hell, what did you do BEFORE I started this blogging?

My inbox is full, overflowing. It's obscene. The only saving grace is that most of you haven't resorted to writing in pink text. (FYI, if you do write in pink, your email will be deleted. Unread.)

But what's even more disgusting is the theme of these emails. Is there anyone out there who hasn't read 50 Shades of Grey? And no, I don't think Christian Grey is sexy (he isn't real, people.)

Personally, I'm not into bondage, whips and floggers - but hey, what you do in your own bedroom is your damn business.

Unless it becomes abusive - physical, mental, or emotional.

"Beck" asks
"My girlfriend is always putting me down. Should I stay with her?" 
My knee jerk reaction says no, and I'm tempted to call you a wimp for not already walking. But my ever-opimistic assistant has reminded me I haven't been the greatest communicator lately and in her PR-savvy eyes, labelling you a pansy ass is a big fat No.

But so is the verbal/emotional abuse your "Mrs. Grey"is dishing out. Nobody deserves to be demeaned...well, except...never mind. 

Look, I'm not in your bedroom, thank the gods, and I understand there are extenuating circumstances in almost every situation. Maybe she's suffering some of her own insecurities, or whatever. Bottom line, it's a control thing - and unacceptable.

And you can either suck it up and be a door mat...or hit the road. 

I know, love bites.

- Jagger