Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When a kiss is just...gross

Yeah, I know. I'm late. As my assistant "informed" me, it's already Wednesday in some parts of the world. But contrary to what many of you love fools think, my job doesn't revolve around your questions.

Which is why I picked the easiest of the bunch for this week's "advice." Bloody hell. "Krista" is just lucky I've had a shot of whiskey.

"How much PDA is too much?" 
All of it.

Okay, maybe I'm a bit anal about that.

I'd wager "Krista" is a teenager, so I'll be blunt. But let's face it, my response would be the same whether you're 16 or 66. Holding hands is acceptable. Hugging, sure - just keep your wandering hands in check. And a quick peck, if you must, is fine, too.

But the minute my gag reflex kicks into gear and I have to bite my lip to avoid shouting "Get a room!" you're crossing the PDA boundary. Excessive groping isn't just gross, it's rude. Have a little respect for yourself - and everyone else - and keep your tongue inside your own mouth.

I know, love bites. (It's better if it bites in the bedroom...)

- Jagger

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  1. Ah, yes, I remember in college watching those passionate kisses from couples who were going to be separated for a whole hour because they couldn't get the same history class. A peck on the cheek is cool. Swapping spit is not. Thanks, Jagger! You always nail it!