Monday, February 13, 2012

Unsolicited advice and general snark

Bloody hell.

My new assistant says I need to be more accessible. It's not enough she signed me up for Twatter or Twitter or whatever it's called, but now I have to start giving out advice like some kind of Ann Landers. It ain't gonna to be pretty, people.

So for those of you not lined up outside my office door with your tragic love stories and desperate pleas, go ahead and send your relationship questions using the form. Just don't expect pink balloons and cotton candy answers. I hate pink - and I missed some critical course in Cupid PR.

I don't send private messages and I don't pull any punches. So if you don't want your name splashed all over this blog, I suggest you use a fake one.

I do, however, take bribes. As long as it's a bottle of JD.

I know, love bites.

- Jagger

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