Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheater or surprise sneaker?

And so it begins...

In the name of accessibility - or frankly keeping my new assistant off my ass - I'm going to start dishing out advice for you lovefools people every Tuesday. Consider it, Truth Tuesday. Ha!

Hey, don't say I didn't warn you. It ain't going to be pretty.

This from "Aaron."

My boyfriend has been very distant and secretive lately. What are the chances that he's planning a surprise (marriage proposal?) versus him cheating on me?


Look honey, I hate to be the one to break your heart, but the statistics on cheating kind of bite. About 22% of married men admit they've strayed at least once during their marriage. But even more alarming - 70% of their spouses had no idea it was going on. Seriously?

Lipstick on the collar? Late night meetings? Hushed conversations? Do you really need to be beat over the head with your vibrator? They're cliches for a reason...

Women aren't much better - 14% admit to having looked for "love" in all the wrong places. It's just men are better at reading the clues. Only 58% missed the bright neon "your wife is cheating" sign.

Seriously though, if your betrothed isn't in the habit of planning surprises, crossing your fingers isn't going to get you closer to the alter. My advice, ditch this heartless cheater.

I know, love bites.

- Jagger


  1. Sage advice, cupid! But isn't "Aaron" an boy's name?

  2. I've always believed in an open and honest relationship, without the games. If someone's cheating, they weren't being honest and that in itself is the problem...not the cheating. Open and honest is how all relationships should work.

    1. Unfortunately, not enough people share this view.

  3. I agree, Jagger. As much as we would like to change bad behavior from our partner, we must either learn to accept it, or move on. In the case of the cheating mate, I suggest they move on.